Identity Crisis

For those of you who have cared to notice, I’ve switched my display name, and then back, over the past week or so.

I originally used my real name because I wanted to be fully credited for my writing and, I will not lie, hope that they would eventually lead me to writing about video games and pop culture for pay. I know that those looking for Internet stardom and their dream job would have greater success finding Bigfoot, but one can hope. I already write a column for Library Journal about games and gaming, so who knows? Maybe that will blossom.

Anyway, as I’ve come to be a more active member of the Gawker community and started commenting on articles from Jezebel and i09, I found myself expressing suppressing what I said because, you know, Internet. I was using my real name, and I was being blunt on how I feel about certain topics. That isn’t always a good combination.


But upon further reflection, I’ve decided to go back to my real name. I would rather be real-world recognizable for my creative output.

Sorry for any confusion, and hope you enjoy reading what I have to write.

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